Qatar Aluminum Extrusion Company is the brainchild of QIMC (Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company) jointly hosted along with other business tycoons of Qatar, viz. Salam International Investment Ltd, Alutec, Qatar Real Estate Investment Co., Aluminum Gulf Ray, Qatar Oman Investment Co. & Qatar Belgium Aluminum Co.

Multi Million project proudly designed and built with state of art technology plant & equipment majestically located at the pink zone of new industrial area. The plot of 28,000 Sq. Mtrs aesthetically landscaped and engulfing a steel structure of 13,000 Sq. Mtrs which houses modern extrusion production facilities.<
We are equipped with the following world class equipment.
  •  Japan origin 2250 MT Extrusion Press with 4S (Stem Shift Short Stroke) technology with an annual capacity of 8,000MT to 10,000 MT
  • US origin Hot Log Shear which allows to reduce both material inventory and scrap generation because it cuts the billets to correct length as needed targeting maximum yield.
  • US Origin log Oven with designed capacity of 4,000 kgs of output per hour.
  • US Origin taper quench unit of billets for achieving quality extrusion by maintaining constant extrudate temperature and very much essential for aluminium extrusions.
  • US origin Intense run out cooling system for both hard & architectural alloys.
  • US origin Double puller operation for improved productivity & short idle time.
  • US origin Stretcher which deliver precise accurate stretching which enhances profile quality and keeps scrap to a minimum.
  • US Origin Precision profile cutting finish saw delivers a highly accurate cut with accuracy, safety and easy to use and with maximum cutting length up to 8500mm and extendable further on special cases.
  • US origin Ageing oven are designed to deliver rapid complete aging of every profile in every batch which translates into maximum profile quality.
  • Die ovens are engineered for quick and uniform heating resulting in less strain on the press and better quality for extrusion.
  • Fluidized Nitriding furnace to enhance the surface quality of the products.
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Qatar Aluminium Extrusion Company 
P.O Box 201698,  
New Industrial area Street No 16,  
Plot No 8101 & 8102, Pink Zone, Qatar.  

Tel: +974 44 333 555/540 
Fax: +974 44 333 500
Email : info@qalex.com.qa
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